The 7 Most Dangerous Piano Myths – Debunked!

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Did you know more than 90% of piano players do not move past the beginner stage?!


If you feel stuck and cannot seem to make progress no matter how hard you try, you might be the victim of several sneaky piano myths that sabotage your practice and make you run in circles.

PianoCareerAcademy.com. The 7 Most Dangerous Piano Myths – Debunked!Expressionless playing, speed walls, lack of coordination, clumsiness, tension, injuries and frustration……this list of common piano problems can go on and on.


If that sounds like you, it’s time for a complete change of perspective – starting now.


During more than 30 years of professional piano experience, I discovered that most piano issues are caused, in fact, by myths.


Disguised as the truth, myths are hard to eliminate.


There’s a way and here it is – totally FREE.


My mission is to unveil the illusion of myths and the bad habits they cause.


I created a 7-episode video series mercilessly debunking the most dangerous modern piano myths.


Ilinca Vartic
Founder and Piano Teacher

Piano practice, reimagined.

Hear your playing come alive and shine with the professional secrets of the highly acclaimed and much revered Russian Piano School!

Myth No. 1: You Can Become a Piano Virtuoso in 3 Months!

Video Highlights

00:02. Did you know that more than 90% of piano players don’t move past the beginner stage?
00:41. Introducing the new Myth series!
01:25. What is a myth? My mission and the purpose of this series.
02:33. The structure of each video.


02:43. Myth No. 1: You Can Become a Piano Virtuoso in 3 Months! The ‘piano hamburger’.


03:33. Myth Origin. Desire, superheroes… and a Tom & Jerry illustration!
04:59. Reality. (Spoiler: no magic pills have been harmed in the process!)
05:37. The maximum we can learn in a couple of weeks/months.
06:09. Information is not enough: we need transformation! The ‘teamwork’ involved in piano playing.
07:16. Why it takes time to form serious skills.
07:55. How much time do we really need to form good piano skills?
08:41. Why do you play music? Real love is for life – so time is not an issue!
09:17. Let’s take a look at a related myth: Learning the notes equals mastering the piece! A ‘Moonlight Sonata’ illustration.
10:19. Why is learning the notes not enough? A Hamlet illustration.
11:57. Is note-only playing really satisfying? The facts tell us otherwise.


12:23. Myth Dangers.
13:06. Time and effort waster.
13:49. Technical/muscular problems.
15:15. Aural problems.
16:19. Expressionless playing.
17:21. Poor analytical skills, insufficient knowledge.
18:17. Inefficient practice habits.
18:43. Frustration and disappointment. What is the real purpose of practicing an art?
20:00. A few words on freedom.


21:27. Solutions.


24:44. Where to find the next 6 episodes from the Myth series.
25:34. Conclusion.

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