Welcome to our Archive! This page contains the links to all the free tutorials that I published since 2010 (when I started to teach online) ;).

The links are organized in chronological order (with the most recent tutorials on top).

By the way, you can also take a look at these 3 pages, where the same tutorials are structured according to level and topic: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced.

Chronological list of all my free tutorials (newest to oldest):

  1. J. S. Bach – Prelude No. 1 in C Major, BWV 846 (WTC Book 1). Piano Tutorial.
  2. FANTASTIC News: Our Beginner Course is Complete! Introducing the New Intermediate Course.
  3. How to Play the Piano Fast: The Real Reason You Struggle with Speed Walls.
  4. How to Overcome Performance Anxiety: The No. 1 Secret.
  5. Chopin – Prelude in E Minor, op. 28 No. 4. Analysis and Step-by-Step Piano Tutorial.
  6. No Piano? How to Practice Anywhere!
  7. Why I Sometimes ‘Stray’ from the Musical Text in My Tutorials: a Holistic Investigation.
  8. The Secrets of Efficient Piano Learning. How to Transform your Playing Through Immersion.
  9. The 7 Most Dangerous Piano Myths – Debunked!
  10. The Life-Changing Benefits of Learning Classical Music.
  11. How to Avoid Piano Injuries | Get Rid of Tension and Pain in Your Hands, Arms & Back!
  12. J.S. Bach – Little Prelude in C Major, BWV 939. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No. 96 for Beginners
  13. Chopin – Impromptu No. 1 in Ab Major, op. 29. Piano Tutorial
  14. Chopin – Nocturne in C Minor, op. 48 No. 1. Detailed Piano Tutorial
  15. No Time to Practice? 5 Powerful Solutions for Lack of Time
  16. Developing a Brilliant Piano Technique – The Holistic Professional Approach
  17. The Power of Perseverance in Learning to Play Piano: Why Musical Progress is Not Linear
  18. How to Use the Sustain Pedal Correctly: The Bio-Mechanics of a Healthy Piano Pedaling Technique
  19. Bach-Liszt – Organ Prelude in A Minor, BWV 543. Detailed Piano Tutorial and Real-Time Practice
  20. The Matrix – Clubbed to Death. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No. 85 (Video Course for Beginners)
  21. Chopin – Fantaisie-Impromptu in C sharp Minor, op. posth. 66. Detailed Piano Tutorial
  22. Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No. 75 (Video Course for Beginners)
  23. Chopin – Nocturne in C sharp Minor No. 20, op. posth. Detailed Piano Tutorial
  24. Christmas Tutorial for Piano Beginners and Intermediates!
  25. How to Practice Piano Scales and Arpeggios – The Art Behind The Exercise
  26. Piano Playing is a Lifetime Commitment
  27. The Key Principles of Correct Piano Practice: A Step-By-Step Holistic Guide
  28. Learning How to Play 5 Easy Christmas Carols. Holistic Tutorial for Piano Beginners
  29. Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing. Video Course for Beginners. Lesson No. 1
  30. The Piano Intoning Technique and the Illusion of Legato
  31. Wrist, Arm & Shoulder Warm-Up for Pianists
  32. Between Pianissimo and Fortissimo. Improving the Piano Dynamic Range.
  33. Understanding a Piano Piece: 11 Basic Steps
  34. Awakening Our Creativity: Mastering the Art of Piano Improvisation
  35. Take A Deep Breath – Relax Your Wrist!
  36. Have an Amazing, Music-Filled Holiday Season!!!
  37. Using the Piano Pedals – On Style and Notation
  38. Using the Piano Pedals – The Art Behind the Mechanism
  39. The Secrets of a Correct Piano Key Attack
  40. The 5 Basic Elements of a Correct Piano Posture
  41. A New Perspective on Piano Phrasing
  42. How to Handle Failures in Piano Playing? 16 Perspective-Changing Steps
  43. Work Smart! Tips for a Productive and Enjoyable Piano Practice
  44. Reaching Harmony: The Power of a Holistic Approach to Piano Playing
  45. How to Get Rid of Cold Hands? Tips for Pianists
  46. Increase Your Productivity: Declutter Your Practice Space and Your Mind
  47. Overcoming Technical Difficulties – Between Stereotypes and Holistic Tendencies in Piano Playing
  48. Studying Piano – How to Cope With Exams: 7 Basic Steps
  49. The Pianistic Gesture and the Dramatic Content of the Music
  50. Constructive Tip for Piano Beginners – Avoid Staccato!
  51. Keep Your Hands Strong and Your Mind Open
  52. The Piano Posture and The Energy of the Sound
  53. How to Deal with Piano Practice Related Hand Injuries and Muscle Pain?
  54. The Piano Sound and the Technical Trap
  55. How to Compensate Your Daily Piano Practice Routine
  56. Freedom – the Foundation of the Pianistic Art

… and this is just the tip of the iceberg! ;D

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