FANTASTIC News: Our Beginner Course is Complete! Introducing the New Intermediate Course

Every ending is a new beginning

I’m thrilled to let you know that our Beginner Course at PianoCareerAcademy is finally complete!

Your step-by-step journey doesn’t end here, however: after completing Lesson No. 100 for Beginners, you can continue with our brand new Intermediate Course!

I share everything in the video below:

Our Beginner Course is Complete! Introducing the New Intermediate Course

Video highlights:

00:02. I have great news!

00:10. Our Course for Beginners is finally COMPLETE!
00:41. A video sneak-peek from the Members Area of our site – featuring the Beginner Course. Taking a closer look at one of the lessons and its structure.
02:25. The Beginner Course can be followed by experienced players and teachers as well!
02:57. If you are not a PCA member yet – don’t miss our detailed FAQ page, where you can find a clear description of our main Courses.

03:28. Introducing our new Intermediate Course!
03:46. Taking another sneak-peek: the Introductory Article (which tells you how the Course works).
04:25. The first Intermediate Lesson and its format.

07:39. All the other Courses and stand-alone tutorials included in the PCA membership. The PCA Stage.

08:26. Conclusion.


Would you like to watch a few ‘sample’ Lessons for Beginners before joining? You can start here:
Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing. Video Course for Beginners. Lesson No. 1.
Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No. 75 for Beginners.
J.S. Bach – Little Prelude in C Major, BWV 939. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No 96 for Beginners.

On my YouTube channel you will also find many ‘sneak peek’ videos where I perform pieces included in our Beginner Course. This playlist will take you there directly.

Start your journey to piano mastery today by joining my Piano Coaching Program at! ;)

As a member of PCA, you will:

  • Learn how to play freely, expressively and brilliantly from the comfort of your home
  • Build lasting skills by following our step-by-step Courses
  • Find professional solutions to any piano problem by exploring our many hundreds of exclusive tutorials for all levels
  • Master any piece with our follow-along practice guides
  • Get teacher feedback to your playing
  • Participate in member concerts…
  • … and much much more!

It’s time to hear your playing come alive and shine! 8)


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