The Secrets of Efficient Piano Learning. How to Transform your Playing Through Immersion

What is efficient learning – and HOW do we need to learn in order to form lasting practical skills?

How do we cross that line between simply knowing a lot about piano – and actually being able to play, beautifully and brilliantly?

This short video will completely shift your perspective on how learning works – taking the quality of your practice (and the resulting progress) to a whole new level.

The Secrets of Efficient Piano Learning.
Transform your Playing Through Immersion

Video highlights:

00:01. Introduction.

01:16. PCA is a brand new world for you!
01:29. Sharing information vs real transformation. An iceberg illustration.
02:37. Let go of old beliefs – and replace them with curiosity!

03:10. How does learning work on PCA? The ‘immersion’ method. What is learning an art all about?
04:10. What is immersion?
04:53. PCA vs standard curriculums. The spiral of progress.

06:16. How to learn on PCA: my 8 transformation tips.
12:31. Don’t miss our PCA Stage!

12:53. Conclusion.

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It’s time to hear your playing come alive and shine! 8)

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Have a very inspired practice,

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  1. Bill Jenkins says:

    This is very good advice.

  2. Ecam says:

    As ever Ilinca is in the right track inspiring us…! Marvelous and usefull advices full of inteligent words. Thank you so much ever!!

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