No Piano? How to Practice Anywhere!

No Piano? How to Practice Anywhere! PianoCareerAcademy.comShould we stop practicing if we don’t have access to a piano?

Absolutely not!

A temporary separation from our instrument could have many causes. Some of them might be pleasant, while others – sad or even tragic:

  • a planned vacation
  • traveling for work
  • relocating to a new city or country
  • losing your possessions because of a fire or flood
  • fleeing from a war zone

No matter the cause, when we are away from home and our piano, we need to make a decision: do we take a longer break (allowing our skills to deteriorate) – or do we keep practicing anyway?

But wait! you might say. How can we practice piano without a piano?

Well, my friends, if there is desire, we will find the means – and human resourcefulness has no limits!

In this improvised video I show you how to practice on any hard surface, so that you can stay in shape (and even make progress!) no matter where you are. During my adventurous life, I made use of this method more times than I can count!

NB: This video was recorded during the heart-breaking Ukraine war, while we were very far away from our home, studio and professional recording equipment. All I used was an iPad – and my big desire to contribute.

No Piano? How to Practice Anywhere!

Video highlights:

00:02. Introduction. Why am I recording in a hotel room? The useful ‘practice surfaces’ you can find anywhere!

01:23. Let’s begin! Finding an appropriate surface. Correct posture and elbow alignment.
02:26. Starting with a warm-up. Tips for late beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Scale practice.
03:24. Warm-up tips for absolute beginners. Non-legato exercises and the fundamental whole-arm key attack.
05:59. The importance of learning how to use the arm as one unit before focusing on separate finger movements.
06:59. Additional scale practice recommendations for intermediate/advanced students.
07:48. What about the exact distance between keys? The best solution for this problem (especially if you are a beginner).

09:02. Moving on to your pieces. How to learn a brand new piece without a piano – a short step-by-step guide:
09:41. Step No. 1: listening to a good professional recording (and why you need to do it).
10:12. Step No. 2: analyzing the piece (and the main ‘clues’ you need to pay attention to).
11:33. Step No. 3: deciphering the piece and practicing it by using the ‘magnifying glass’ method.

13:57. Conclusion.
14:21. If you would like to study all the topics I mentioned today in a detailed step-by-step manner, join! πŸ™‚

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It’s time to hear your playing come alive and shine! 8)

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Keep rocking 8),

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  1. AMS says:

    Thank you for the video. Hope you and family and everyone stay safe during this difficult time.

  2. JLS says:

    I have thought about you and your family ever since Russia invaded Ukraine. I know that Moldova borders Ukraine and I was worried. I am happy that you and family evacuated before things became nasty.

  3. Nesip Aral says:

    Hi Ilinca, I am happy to hear from you and learn that you are safe.
    Your video reminded me of a YouTube video below by Daniil Trifonov.

  4. Linda Brann says:

    Thank you! I always appreciate your teaching!

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