How to Avoid Piano Injuries | Get Rid of Tension and Pain in Your Hands, Arms & Back!

J.S. Bach - Little Prelude in C Major, BWV 939 (polyphonic piece). Piano TutorialMy hands hurt when I practice…
Why are my wrists so tensed?
How to get rid of piano-related tendinitis?
Is arm fatigue normal after a practice session?
I’m in pain when I play – but I guess it’s normal, so I push through it…
What exercises can I do to heal a piano injury?

Injury-related questions are the most frequent ones I get :-X.

Amateurs and professionals, beginners and ‘veterans’, young and old – this problem affects too many people nowadays (and the numbers are sadly rising).

WHY is this happening?
What are the main causes of piano-related tension and pain?
Are they easily avoidable?
How can we heal from an existing injury?

Find the answers to these questions by watching the video below!

Piano Injuries: Prevention and Recovery

How to Avoid Tension and Pain in Your Hands, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders & Back

Video highlights:

00:02. Introduction.
00:46. Correct piano playing does not cause pain and injuries!

The 4 Mega-Causes of Piano Injuries:

01:37. Cause No. 1: Bad posture and incorrect arm alignment.
02:36. How to avoid injury.
03:38. A good piano posture is a fluid process, not a static ‘hold’!

04:24. Cause No. 2: Incorrect technique.
05:11. A. Finger-only playing (and what to do instead to avoid injury).
09:09. B. 5-finger legato playing during the early beginner stage (and the healthy ergonomic alternative).
11:29. C. Tension, stiffness and static playing (and how to relax your muscles without falling off the bench).
14:28. D. Exaggerated finger stretching (and how to connect wide intervals without overstretching your hand).
16:10. E. Keybedding (and learning when to let go).
17:27. Is a bit of fatigue normal when we practice?

18:34. Cause No. 3: Incorrect practice.
19:03. Where to find the rest of this tutorial…

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