Chopin – Impromptu No. 1 in Ab Major, op. 29. Piano Tutorial

Chopin - Impromptu No. 1 in Ab Major, op. 29. Piano TutorialChopin’s Impromptu No. 1 – a delightful piece full of color and movement! 8)

Playing it can be a joyful experience… or a very frustrating one.

So how do we conquer this little musical jewel? How do we avoid falling into the most common ‘pitfalls’ – tension, speed walls, poor coordination and expressionless playing?

As always, the secret is correct practice :P.

The video below is not a simple piano lesson.

It’s a fragment from our interactive Questions & Answers project at – offering solutions to the real problems experienced by Ellen (one of my students) when practicing this piece.

Besides answering Ellen’s question, I share many additional tips helping you to bring this Impromptu to a sparkling performance level 8).

Enjoy! ;)

First, download the needed score:
Chopin – Impromptu No. 1 in Ab Major, op. 29.

Chopin – Impromptu No. 1 in Ab Major, op. 29.
Expressive Analysis and Practice Tips.

Video highlights:

00:33. Introduction.
01:06. The question that inspired this tutorial.

01:39. Do we really need to create a perfect legato in the RH? Understanding the artistic concept of the Impromptu, and the resulting expressive tasks.
02:37. Which articulation is needed for bringing out the light and ‘sparkling’ effect?
03:48. Step-by-step practice tips. The importance of serious LH practice.

04:46. RH practice. Understanding the layout of the text, and applying the most efficient arm/wrist movements. Non-legato practice.
07:05. Legato practice. Lightening the key attack. Using a ‘throw and gather’ motion. The needed ‘detached’ legato.
08:49. Adding the pedal. What is the most appropriate pedaling principle for the outer sections?

10:59. Practicing both hands together. How to improve your coordination. Sound balance.
13:25. The spots where we can make an exception from the ‘detached’ legato principle. The ‘lyrical element‘ from bars 8-12.
14:25. How to voice the melody formed by the LH quarter notes (bars 8-12). The needed practice steps. The importance of phrasing.
17:18. Combining both hands together. The 3 layers of sound intensity.
18:47. The importance of intonation in playing Chopin. Intoning the wider intervals.
19:35. Pulsation and its role in reaching the final tempo.
20:40. Conclusion. Where to find the full tutorial :).

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Enjoy every step of the way,

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