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Myth No. 3: Expressive Playing is a Talent and It Cannot Be Learned!

A limiting belief born from misinformation and the common tendency to judge things by their appearance.

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Video highlights:

00:02. Myth No. 3: Expressive Playing is a Talent and It Cannot Be Learned.

. Myth Origin. On laziness, magic and the common cold. What do non-musicians believe?

. Reality.
03:04. What is the role of talent and inspiration?
04:13. The ratio of talent/practice that creates great results.

. What is Expression? What can we express through music? Where do our ’emotions’ fit in this picture?

. How does expressive playing really work?
06:51. How do we express the content of the music? The main expressive effects.

. Wait, What? So Technique is NOT the Only Thing I Can Work On?

. Myth Dangers.
10:17. Bob’s story: how a talent-myth-believing non-musician started his piano journey.
11:19. My own story started similarly to Bob’s :). How my teachers set things straight.
12:31. Bob’s story can still have a happy ending!

. Solutions.
13:25. How we develop a beginner’s expressive skills in the Russian piano school.
13:55. In music, things need to make sense. A piece is a story, not a collection of random notes!
14:41. Technique: the physical expression of our musical intentions.
15:05. A couple of examples. Creating a sad, majestic and singing characters.
15:53. Let’s put the horse behind the cart! says the myth.
16:17. The importance of putting the horse in front of the cart :).
16:34. WHY-WHAT-HOW. The key to expressive playing is awareness.
17:13. The ‘left-brain’ fingers/notes approach vs the holistic ‘whole-brain’ method.
18:02. Expressive playing is not a stroke of luck: it’s a choice.

This is why we do what we do

‘Joining PCA is one of the BEST decisions I have made in my entire life!’


Simply put, joining PCA is one of the BEST decisions I have made in my entire life! No one had ever taught me how to actually practice before. I’ve been taught a method that is 100% guaranteed to work. Now I practice smarter – not longer, and actually play music instead of just loud notes.


I look forward to playing and discovering something new every day and plan to continue learning and playing the rest of my life. Everyone in PCA is professional and supportive, but the soul of PCA is Ilinca Vartic. I am so glad I am a part of this community.

Patricia Thompson – USA

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