The Power of Perseverance in Learning to Play Piano: Why Musical Progress is Not Linear

perseverance_pianocareerWhat do you think – which is the most important quality for a musician?

Is it ‘musicality’?
A good hearing maybe?
A flexible mind?
A prolific imagination?

Yes, all these abilities are important (and all of them can be developed with practice).

However, there is ONE quality that ‘rules them all’ – and that quality, my friends, is PERSEVERANCE.

Without perseverance, everything else is ‘dust in the wind’.
Without perseverance, our dreams and goals crumble under the ever-changing realities of life.
Without perseverance, even the most ‘talented’ musicians will inevitably fail.

WHY is that?

Because mastering an art is not a one-time event. Mastering an art is a lifetime journey – and this journey has plenty of ups and downs, and LOTS of challenges that will really test your commitment to the instrument.

Musical progress is NOT linear – and without the magical powers of perseverance, we risk getting stuck each time we hit a ‘rough spot’.

Do you want to learn more? :P Watch the video below!

The Power of Perseverance in Learning to Play Piano:
Why Musical Progress is Not Linear

Video highlights:
00:02. Introduction. Musical progress is not linear.
00:55. A musician’s journey is like a roller-coaster. The importance of understanding how things really work.
02:08. It’s the hard days that will really test your commitment to the instrument!
02:48. Learning to see things in perspective. A painting metaphor :).
03:49. The role of perseverance in this process.
05:08. A gym metaphor.
06:03. What are plateaus – and why sometimes we get ‘stuck’ on the same level. Transforming quantity into quality.
08:00. An important warning: ONLY quality work (detailed mindful practice) can lead to great results and help you to overcome a plateau!
08:36. Understanding the causes behind the ‘zigzag’ pattern of our progress. Everything happens in cycles – including our learning.
10:21. We usually only see what happens on the surface. Examples of less obvious ‘variables’ that affect our productivity.
11:14. Conclusion. Always try to keep things in perspective… and persevere.

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