The Matrix – Clubbed to Death. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No 85 (Video Course for Beginners) The Matrix - Clubbed to Death. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No 85 (Video Course for Beginners)Do you like modern music? :P

What about professional piano transcriptions of dramatic and very expressive modern pieces?

… aaaand what if the modern piece was inspired from an amazing neo-classical masterpiece? 8)

If you’re intrigued, then I have a treat for you!

Lesson No. 85 ‘for Dessert’ from my step-by-step Video Course for Beginners is focused on the most famous Theme from the Matrix soundtrackClubbed to Death by Rob Dougan! In case you didn’t know, this piece was inspired from the well-known Enigma Variations op. 36 by Sir Edward Elgar…

… and you will find out more about this very special piece, and about our  Course for Beginners (available in the Members Area of by watching the video below – which is a ‘sneak peek’ from Lesson No. 85, comprising my demonstration of Clubbed to Death!

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In the Private Members Area you will also be able to follow our step-by-step Scale & Arpeggio Course (comprising super-detailed progressive Video Lessons for each level) – and many hundreds of other exclusive piano playing tutorials that will transform your expressive & technical skills and bring them to a whole new level!

By the way, you can learn more about our Course for Beginners by reading my answer to question No. 17 from our FAQs at :).

Also, don’t forget that the full Lessons No. 1 and No. 75 ‘for Dessert’ from this Course are available for free, here on
Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing. Lesson No. 1 from the Beginner Course.
Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers. Piano Tutorial. Lesson No. 75 (Video Course for Beginners).

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